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Dominican Peso

Dominican Republic - Dominican Peso (DOP)
Rate: 0.01892

Our exchange rates are locked in every weekday at our branches around 8 am EST. The rate shown when you make the online reservation is the exchange rate of that day, so it is good for that day only. The exchange rate you pay will be that of the day when you actually pick up and pay for the currency. The indication rate gives you a good reference point as currency exchange rates typically move less than 3% day to day.

52.8541 DOP = $1 USD
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Symbol: $ 
Country: Dominican Republic
The Dominican peso is the currency of the Dominican Republic. The banknotes are printed on paper. The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic is responsible for issuing the Dominican Republic banknotes. In an effort to prevent counterfeiting, the Dominican peso has a watermark with the three-dimensional image of Juan Pablo Duarte on the front and back. For additional security, the banknote has a golden, glossy stripe on the back which is visible when laying flat but disappears when the banknote position changes.