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Mauritian Rupee

Mauritius - Mauritian Rupee (MUR)
Rate: 0.02468

Our exchange rates are locked in every weekday at our branches around 8 am EST. The rate shown when you make the online reservation is the exchange rate of that day, so it is good for that day only. The exchange rate you pay will be that of the day when you actually pick up and pay for the currency. The indication rate gives you a good reference point as currency exchange rates typically move less than 3% day to day.

40.5186 MUR = $1 USD
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Symbol: ₨ 
Country: Mauritius
The Mauritian rupee is the currency of Mauritius. The banknotes have both a paper banknote and polymer (plastic) banknote series in circulation. The Bank of Mauritius (BOM) is responsible for issuing the Mauritian banknotes. The Mauritian rupee was initially pegged to the Indian rupee and the British pound, but is not pegged to any currencies today. The Bank of Mauritius was modelled after the Bank of England and senior officers of the BOE helped to set up BOM. The Bank’s main objective is ensure the value of the currency and work towards strengthening the economic activity.