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New Zealand Dollar

New Zealand - New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Rate: 0.6582

Our exchange rates are locked in every weekday at our branches around 8 am EST. The rate shown when you make the online reservation is the exchange rate of that day, so it is good for that day only. The exchange rate you pay will be that of the day when you actually pick up and pay for the currency. The indication rate gives you a good reference point as currency exchange rates typically move less than 3% day to day.

1.5192 NZD = $1 USD
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Symbol: $ 
Country: New Zealand
The New Zealand dollar is the currency of New Zealand. Our records show the New Zealand dollar is the 13th most traded currency with us. The banknotes are printed on polymer (plastic) material. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) is responsible for issuing the New Zealand banknotes. The New Zealand dollar is one of the top traded currencies in the world. In addition to New Zealand, it circulates in the Tokelau, Pitcairn Islands, Niue, and Cook Islands and is often informally referred to as ‘the kiwi’. Originally New Zealand exchanged the pound, but switched to the dollar in 1967.

Did You Know?
These items cost the USD equivalent in the city of Auckland, New Zealand*:
  • 10 Mile Cab Ride: $35.43 USD
  • Budget Dinner for 2: $29.52 USD
  • Pint of Beer: $7.09 USD
  • Tip Percentage: N/A¹

  • *Figures are based on 2023 data. Information is subject to change as exchange rates and cost of goods fluctuate.
    ¹Tipping is not customary or may be considered rude.